How many domains can I use Auction2Post on?

You can use Auction2Post on any number of domains that you own and have registered to you.

Do you really offer support or am I on my own after purchase?

Lifetime support is offered for this plugin. We have the forums for quick answers and exploring the knowledge base (you should try to find your answer there first). If you come up empty-handed, then you can PM me via our forum or email for further assistance.

What about upgrades?

Completely free! Pay once for a lifetime subscription. Keep the opt in for newsletters from Auction2Post in your member panel and you’ll be notified when new versions are released.

What versions of WordPress are supported?

Auction2post is compatible with all versions of WordPress from 3.9.0 to the most recent version.

Can I sell my license?

No. The license is sold to you for individual sites that you personally develop. If you develop sites for others, you will need your client to purchase their own license (or you can do it for them).

What are the server requirements?

PHP 5.4+, CURL enabled, and IonCube loaders installed. But seriously, if any of this is an issue, you need a better host. Consider the Auction2Post optimized premium hosting plans being offered soon!

What about this automation stuff?

It’s pretty great, you set searches up in the automation tab and then set the automatic posting schedule, Auction2Post does the rest. There is a catch, if you want to be pinpoint accurate in your posting schedule, then you need to set up a cron job – but even that isn’t that tough and the User Guide walks you through it all.

What is Link Masking?

Link masking is used to help hide your footprint. Even though you’re offering targeted niche information to your site visitors, a real service actually, sometimes the big G and the other search engines (there are others?) can get a little testy. So not showing them that you are linking to eBay can help keep you under their radar.

Is this just a scraper?

Au contraire, Auction2Post is a fully legit piece of software that interacts with eBay via their own API which is exactly why eBay provides it. With Auction2Post, you are making API calls to eBay and they are returning the information in an XML file that is then parsed and turned into a post on your website. Every piece of information returned is stored as a custom field in your post so that it is available in your theme if you wish to utilize it.

Auction2post takes out the technical hurdles of using eBay’s API and allows you to harness the power of it with a intuitive administration panel that integrates perfectly with WordPress.

How do I get paid?

You need to be accepted into the eBay Partner Network and they will pay you directly via PayPal for eligible converting traffic that you send to eBay.

Any other uses for Auction2Post?

Absolutely! Not a member of EPN, you can still use Auction2post to create niche specific content for your website. Lots of images and text that can shared with your site visitors and perhaps you offer other affiliate merchant offers on the same page. Ideal for eBay Sellers looking for an additional way to showcase their items or for site owners struggling to find a way to populate their sites with unique content. Get creative with the content. Hey… creative content.

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