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Auction2Post is the most customizable and powerful eBay plugin for WordPress available. In just minutes using Auction2Post you can create content rich, search engine friendly, and profitable niche websites that can continually produce a source of income. There is no other plugin like it that can populate a wordpress site or blog with content, in the speed and manner that Auction2Post does!

Auction2Post v2.2 has just been released.

Earning Commissions on eBay with Auction2Post can be Easy!

  1. Pick your niche keyword
  2. Click Search
  3. Auctions based on your search are returned and published as posts.
  4. Set this up as an Automated Event
  5. Sit back and monitor your commissions whilst your blog automatically publishes 100’s of niche-targeted, content-rich posts!

When a site visitor clicks a link in your post and is directed to eBay, a cookie is set on their computer. As a member of the eBay Partner Network, you receive a commission from eBay when that individual buys something on eBay within the cookie time range! There are millions of items on eBay at any given moment and with Auction2Post you are able to tap into the power of the eBay API to deliver targeted results for your site visitors and start earning commissions almost immediately!

Add Auctions ready to start search – click to enlarge

Harnessing the Power of the eBay API is Easy with Auction2Post!

Using the eBay API, Auction2Post searches eBay based on highly customizable and specific search parameters that are very easy to set and returns auctions that are then turned into posts on your WordPress website. This can be set to run automatically!


  • Earn recurring monthly income from your websites when you install Auction2Post!
  • Instantly turn eBay auctions into 100’s of targeted, keyword-rich, niche-specific WordPress posts full of content!
  • AUTOMATION! Set it & Forget it! Auction2Post works to automatically create content for your site!
  • Easily create new sites or integrate with your current site! Fully customizable and Ideal for eBay Sellers looking for an additional way to showcase their items!
  • PPC (pay-per-click) option to further monetize your websites by replacing expired eBay links with affiliate banners and links (eg. Adsense, Amazon, Commission Junction, etc.)!
  • Auction2Post forums provide strategies, tips, tutorials, and so much more ensuring your success!
  • Step-by-step video tutorials walk you through every aspect of Auction2Post! Easy to follow, easy to understand!
  • Excellent pre-sale and post-sale support including forums, chat, & screen sharing ensuring your success!

Create Custom Sites That Make You Money!

By using templates, Auction2Post can post to ANY free or premium theme and integrates easily!

Check out Beetle Classic to see the plugin in action!

ClassiPress WordPress Premium Theme

Add Auctions displaying search results – click to enlarge

Auction2Post Offers Unparalleled Support Ensuring Your Success!

Take a look at the customer testimonials, support is a top priority here. With your purchase of Auction2Post you are guaranteed the support necessary to take full advantage of this powerful plugin. Visit the forums and learn from the posts, written tutorials, video tutorials, and FAQ.

If you need more assistance, both email and chat are available for resolving your issues if necessary.

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Money Back Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase for any reason, receive a no-questions-asked full refund! All we ask is that you try the software for 14 days.

Need more information. Here’s a letter from the creator of Auction2Post.

User Reviews


It rocks! Support has answered all my questions and been very supportive. It is well worth the cost at 10X the price!

Paul Rushing


My favorite feature of Auction2Post is being able to automate the entire process. I also like how you can setup your own templates, and how easy it is to setup.

– JamesH


Support has been ridiculously awesome with customer service. It’s all really simple and for the advanced options you’ve got either the tutorials or reliable customer support/forum to help you through it. There is really no reason you should not buy this now.

Lauren (turbolapp)